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This generator will be switched off on 12/31/2017!

Switch to the new label printing system on - feedback is welcome!

Free Online Label Printing for VDA 4902 Shipping Labels, AIAG Transport Labels, MAT Labels, GS1, Caterpillar, Galia, Odette and many more!

With this free demo you create and print industry, transport and shipping labels with your own data. Choose from various label standards like VDA 4902, VDA KLT, AIAG, GS1 Transport Labels, Galia, Odette, Caterpillar, GM GTL, etc. Additional label layouts are available on request . You, your partners, your suppliers and your customers can use this label printing service immediately without any software installation - terms of service. Just give it a try!

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Print Barcode Labels Online!

Choose the label category (VDA, AIAG, GS1, Caterpillar,
GM GTL, etc.), select the layout, provide the label data and print the generated PDF.


Security note: Your data is treated confidential.

Watch the YouTube video.
TFORMer Online Tutorial Video

One-Click Label Printing - With Your Data

Simply click the button below to generate the label(s). Batch printing (printing multiple labels at once) is supported. The variable label data is stored in a Google Docs table.

Privacy notice: One-Click Label Printing has no access to your Google Docs account, your data is safe. TFORMer Online just creates and shares a document with you.

Use the suggested table name or enter a custom one below. To modify the label data, login to Google Docs using the email entered on the left.

Generate and Print a Label Immediately

Enter the label data below, click the button and print the output. Please disable pop-up blockers!

Embed One-Click Label Printing in Your Web-Page

To generate and print the label as part of your web-site embed the following HTML code into an arbitrary web-page. Check out the example on TEC-IT's blog.

For a detailed description of available parameters contact TEC-IT.

More Information Required?

TEC-IT provides this online label generator for demonstration purposes. The label layouts were designed with TFORMer Designer, the output of this online service is created with TFORMer SDK. Contact us for commercial use or for general information! The predecessor of this online label generator with all templates (VDA, GM, KLT, LTO, ...) is available here.

Terms of Service:This application as well as the generated output are intended solely for non-commercial and/or private use. The use is permitted only for legal purposes and according to the valid national or international regulations. The functionality and/or uninterrupted availability of this online service can’t be guaranteed. Commercial use is only permitted after approval by TEC-IT in writing. Additional information regarding: legal conditions and privacy.

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